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February 20th, 2013 Cat: Technology

Wohoo, the technology world becomes so surprisingly interested to me because of the Google Glass project! For you who doesn’t know, Google Glass is a new project made by Google, the utility of this new hi-tech glass is awesome. It can capture what you see once you say “Photo” or more like that. You can also know the direction in front of your eye, more likely a map that is visible in your glasses! Could you imagine that?

I can’t! So I am awaiting for this cool gadget to be launch soon. Read more about Google Glass here. Ah, I am curious about the price too. Someone said that it would be more likely $1,500 or around.

Here is the picture of this brand new project:

google glass picture Google Glass Picture

And you can view some features of Google glass by viewing this image:

 Google Glass Picture

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